You'll find on this site some documents related to my professional experiences. Most are written in french. I hope some information can be useful.

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At now, i'm working in an internal banking CSIRT(CERT). This mission require to share a lot with many security actors so i would be glad to have a conversation on most of people working in security.


DEC 2008 - Artticle written on banking cybercrime in MISC 41 (french security magazine)

20 NOV 2007 - RBN Study [here]

22 MAR 2007 - APT : some updates

16 OCT 2006 - APT : Anti Phishing Tools

4 APR 2006 - Briefing at Eurosec 2006 On SIM evolutions

31 JAN 2006 - Briefing at Linux Solutions 2006 on an evolutive IPS, vuln scan and supervision

12 DEC 2005 - Snort document on way to install an efficient IDS

3 NOV 2005 - Whitepaper on SIM (Security Information Management).